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Supporting the financial wellbeing of your employees

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Financial wellbeing – why does it matter?

And how does it impact your employees?

Financial wellbeing is integral to any discussion about employee health and wellness.

In the last year alone, an estimated 13 million workdays have been lost due to absences through poor financial wellbeing.

At the centre of good financial wellbeing is feeling in control of your financial situation. And it’s an issue that affects employees across sectors, salary bands and levels of seniority.

Therefore, it makes commercial sense to provide the tools, resources and support for your employees to feel a greater sense of financial control.

Download our guide to discover:

  • Why financial wellbeing matters and how it can affect employees’ health
  • The business impact of poor financial wellness amongst employees
  • How to plan and roll out the right strategy to support your team
  • How Benenden Healthcare for Business can help support with your financial wellbeing strategy

  • Learn more about how Benenden Health for Business can support both your employees and your business by downloading our brochure or visiting our website.