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Read our latest research from surveying over 2,000+ employees and 500+ employers across the UK, uncovering and exploring the diverse range of health issues that employees are experiencing right now, or worrying about experiencing in the future, and learn about the implications of these in the workplace

Now more than ever healthcare has become a business essential, and we hope the insight in this report helps you to feel less alone in the challenge of looking after your workforce’s health and happiness, and make sure your health and wellbeing programme is still fit for purpose.

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  • See how you can take care of your employees to nurture a healthy and happy workforce
  • Learn about the mental and physical concerns affecting your workforce
  • Gauge where your business is with your current healthcare strategies
  • Obtain a broad, in-depth understanding of business owners and leaders’ approach to healthcare
  • See which benefits employees value the most and find out where the gaps are in your existing health support

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