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Benenden Health Mental Wellbeing Report

The elephant that never left the room: Why stigma prevents employees from telling their boss the truth about their mental wellbeing


For many, mental wellbeing is the sleeping beast in workplaces across the UK, with poor mental wellbeing severely impacting people’s day-to-day lives and many employers struggling with what to do or say to support their employees. Although employers appear more open than ever to introducing mental wellbeing provisions for their workforce, our latest report shows there’s still a long way to go.


Our mental wellbeing report provides in-depth insight into employer and employee attitudes towards mental wellbeing. It shows there is still a massive disconnect between decision makers and their workforces, which could hit both businesses and employees hard. Failing to tackle these issues is causing staff to suffer in silence, with little to no support, and businesses to lose good staff and productivity by not knowing how to address issues their team may be struggling with.


Download our free report to understand… 

  • What your employees really think about the mental wellbeing provision you offer

  • The factors negatively influencing the mental wellbeing of your workforce

  • Why there’s a disconnect between what you think your employees want and what they actually need when it comes to mental wellbeing support

  • Why there’s still a stigma about mental wellbeing in the workplace, and what you can do to break it

  • What you can do to ensure your employees are happy, healthy and confident.


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