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Are you supporting the mental health of your staff?

Do employers just tick the boxes when it comes to the mental health of their employees?

This report explores attitudes to mental health in the workplace and discusses the gap between what employees need from their employer and what support is currently offered.

To help employers provide the correct support, the report also outlines a simple strategy for businesses to adopt which follows a ‘before, during and after’ approach to mental health in the workplace.


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  • How much of an issue mental health is in the workplace?
  • Employees’ view on dealing with mental health issues
  • Mental health support in the workplace


Did you know?
  • Only 24% of employees said their company regularly engages with them on issues of mental health
  • Less than 1 in 10 would confide in their employer if they were suffering from a mental health condition
  • A staggering 14% of employees have experienced suicidal thoughts
  • Up to 45% of employees would look for alternative employment if their employer didn’t provide support in relation to mental health


Who is Benenden Health?

We've been focused on helping to keep employees healthy since 1905, when we were founded to provide treatment for postal workers suffering from tuberculosis. Since then we’ve been at the forefront of keeping employees fit and healthy at an affordable rate.  Benenden Health is a mutual, not-for-profit healthcare provider run for the benefit of over 815,000 members.

All our business products are designed with simplicity in mind so they’re easy to take out and straightforward to manage. We’ll work with you to develop a bespoke and affordable health and wellbeing package that helps keep your employees healthy and suit your business needs.


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